Chocolate Milk

Hey All,

I just wanted to shed some light on the large “Hebrew National” cooler that has started hanging out in the entryway. It is part of a new project/offering we are starting here at GeekFit called, “Chocolate Milk for Charity.” What’s that? piqued your curiosity? Why yes, I will be happy to tell you more.

The cooler is going to be filled with chocolate milk, or possibly some kind of dairy-free deliciousness if there is demand for it. We are going to be selling them for suggested donation of $2, with all profits going to a local charity. This is going to be self-serve and on the honor system, because someone as awesome as you wouldn’t steal from charity… would you? nah, I didn’t think so. So basically, there will be a little cash box next to the cooler where you will place your money and you can then take your chocolate milk. If you don’t have cash one week, just try to bring it the next week – we are not trying to be sticklers here just raise a little money for an awesome charity while providing a delicious beverage for after your workouts :)

The charity we are supporting: ????? (TBD)

Ok, to sum it up

your job:

  1. put money in container
  2. take your delicious beverage
  3. enjoy!

Our job:

  1. use the money to keep the cooler stocked
  2. donate the remaining funds to charity

Simple enough right? If anyone has any ideas as to an awesome local charity that we can support be sure to tell us.

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