What We Do

GeekFit offers a variety of services to help you live a healthier, happier life.

GeekFit Personal Training

GeekFit offers private, efficient workouts with one of our ACT-certified trainers.  Our research and experience has found that a 20-minute workout twice per week is the safest and most efficient way to achieve optimal fitness. The workout is very intense but likely in a different way than anything you have experienced. Many of our clients choose to work out in their work clothes — despite the intensity of the workout, it is unlikely you will even break a sweat. Not having to “dress out” saves you time and lets you quickly get back to whatever you like to spend your time doing — coding, playing Rock Band, reading old XKCD comics online, finding awesome YouTube videos … you know, awesome geeky things!

Our approach to exercise incorporates the latest research, and is heavily influenced by Doug McGuff’s excellent book, Body By Science, Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn, and other similar HIT-style programs.

For more information about what to expect, check out our Exercise Overview.

A Testimonial

On exercise: “When I first heard about the exercise program, I was skeptical. Here is a program promising better results than my more traditional lifting plan in only a fraction of the time commitment per week. I had been lifting weights off and on since middle school, and followed the old dogma of  doing “3 sets of ~10 reps”. I was spending probably about two hours in the gym each week, and not making any sizable gains in strength. After switching to the Geekfit regimen, I have not only gotten much stronger, but I have accomplished it with less than 20 minutes of lifting twice per week! This exercise program really works and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to my friends and family.”

After listening to what Geekfit was offering, and doing a little research on the side (I am a science major, and naturally skeptical of most things people say, especially regarding dietary advice) I became convinced that I was doing it all wrong and started to follow their dietary advice. In just a few short months I had lost about 20lbs of fat, far surpassing my original goal. My energy level has both stabilized and improved. Even better, I no longer feel like I have to constantly snack to keep my energy up. I now end up eating about 2 good meals a day without feeling hungry or tired in-between. It is so liberated to not have to plan my day around food, and not have to carry snacks with me where ever I went.

Bottom line: The diet works for me, it is backed up by good science, and it has transformed my life for the better. I think it is so good that I have to restrain myself from not telling everyone i meet all about it, instead of just talking about it when asked (close friends and family get the spiel regardless).”